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Imagine a cross road. An intersection where pop melody, meets R&B rhythms. A juncture where dance grooves and old skool styles coexist. A place where you respect the rules, but don’t obey them.

DvonMusic is an experiment of creativity delivered in clear language with melodic compositions driven by solid rhythms.


Dvon started his music career singing and playing backup keyboards for Star Moon; a group he formed with high school classmate Garrett Ward. They played local gigs in his hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan in the late 80’s until Dvon left the group and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1988.
There he met writer and keyboardist, Rick Reynolds at a popular DJ Club called Electric Avenue. The two teamed up and built a studio recording space in an upstairs apartment. They began recording 80’s inspired beats, instrumentals and songs as Dvon began to craft his writing and recording skills. He often went to open mic nights around city on the spur of the moment to listen, and test out some of his early ideas in a live setting. However, he felt far more comfortable in a studio setting, writing and recording one song after another.

With a background in gospel music and a former pianist for two youth choirs, some of Dvon’s early songs had religious themes, while others spoke openly (and sometimes vulgarly) about sex and sexual relationships.

In 1991, shortly after a close acquaintance was signed to LaFace Records, Dvon moved to Atlanta to continue his musical journey. At first, this new city seemed overwhelming and unfriendly to outsiders. But within the next ten years Dvon managed to carve out a niche among his fellow local songwriters with his grasp of many different musical styles and his unique vocal delivery. He collaborated and performed with over 30 musicians and writers between 1991-2001.

In 1999, Dvon joined The Karsten Durand Collective, a Pop/Rock/Cover band started by singer-songwriter Karsten Durand and guitarist/studio engineer Charles Newman. After several gigs and some personnel changes, Karsten changed the name of the band to Pisces Kiss. The group performed around the Atlanta area at Piedmont Park’s Wednesday Wind Down, Sweet Auburn Fest, Turner Field, Atlanta Gay Pride, as well as appearing on the “Peachtree Morning” and “Good Day Atlanta Show” television show.

After leaving the band in 2004, Dvon began to take a renewed focus on his writing and recording. His current studio collaborations can be found at or